Positive Thoughts on Dissertation Success!!!

10540922_10204604034930134_8669079041813817174_nMake sure that you are passionate about your topic.

Try not to fall in love with your topic because it will change numerous times before you have chosen your inspirational topic.

Make sure that you cite properly APA Citations including (in-text and a reference list).

Make sure that you maintain a full record of your references in a safe place in case of computer issues.

Make sure that you initiate the journey once you hit the dissertation with your mentor.

Do not just sit and wait on them to do it all. It is your degree because they all have their doctorate degrees already.

Make sure that you have topics in your back pocket in case your first few topics are thrown out.

Make sure that your methodology, research design and research questions align with the topic and within your specialization.

Take good constructive notes on your weaknesses, ask many questions, and never stop questioning even yourself as to why your topic is so important to you and what will it contribute to society?

Be prepared to be asked the “The So What” question…..

You must know how to navigate the library and search for key words accurately and effectively.

Future Doctor: Keisha Michelle Nleka


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